CBD Vape Broad Spectrum 1 ml 600 mg - Grape Ape


RMH Broad Spectrum  Vape Cart (CBD, CBG, CBN) 1 ml 600 mg - Grape Ape

Broad Spectrum Distillate, derived from industrial hemp, with terpenes. 100% natural and organic. No cutters, fillers, diluents, or thickening agents are ever used.  Lab tested for safety and compliance.

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CBD Vaping with 100% Natural Hemp Vape Oil 600 mg Grape Ape

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, has become quite popular in recent years. This is one of the many healthy cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. It can be extracted from a hemp plant and prepared for use in oral and consumed products. Since CBD comes from a cannabis plant, its use has become quite controversial, hence making rounds on news stories and everyday conversations. However, many specialists, such as scientists, researchers and doctors, have made careers proving that CBD and its benefits are for people coping with everyday struggles.

Vaping, in other words, steam inhalation is a modern method of taking CBD, which is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Vaporizing is now not only a trend, becoming popular among the younger generation. Even many former smokers have found an alternative in such a way and completely abandoned the bad habit - smoking of classic cigarettes and consuming nicotine exchanged for CBD consumption.

At Rocky Mountain Hemp we have a wide assortment of hemp-based organic vape juice 1 ml 600 mg for sale. And according to many responses of customers one of the most frequently purchased carts is CBD Vape Oil 600 mg Grape Ape. If You buy best CBD vape 600 mg Grape in our online-store You’ll enjoy the great pleasure of vaping with cannabidiol.

Health benefits of organic cannabis Vape Oil Grape Ape

 The 100 % natural and organic CBD vape oil 600 mg Grape Ape is made from pure hemp extract and includes terpenes. It is broad-spectrum product, that means it contains not only CBD but also includes CBN and CBG. 



The main general and health benefits of our CBD vape carts include the following:


  1. Fast absorption                                                                                                                                                           
  2. Convenience of using
  3. The Product contains analgesic properties
  4. Relief from anxiety
  5. Relaxation and relief from insomnia
  6. Heart health

Vaping the CBD may also help increase your appetite, energy levels and mental focus.</p>

Rocky Mountain Hemp product with natural cannabidiol is tested by 3d party lab for the heavy metals, fillers, pesticides and also residual diluents. Best CBD vape 600 mg Grape doesn’t contain any GMO and gluten. It includes less than 0.3% THC.


Our online store offers CBD vape oil 600 mg Grape Ape that is fully natural and organic. It is broad-spectrum hemp distillate (organically grown hemp) which includes botanical terpenes and hemp terpenes. There aren’t any synthetic flavors, fillers, diluents or cutting agents.

Our product includes organic MCT oil, cbd terpenes, broad-spectrum natural hemp extract 600 mg. There is no THC.


Hemp oil is manufactured in the United States. We offer a premium-grade vape cartridge. Cannabis vape oil Grape Ape is a broad-spectrum product. It means that it includes not only CBD, but also CBN and CBG. The storage life of this item is 18 months.


How to properly dose the CBD level in the electronic fluid? It depends first of all on user’s weight, height, even gender, patient anamnesis and your own experience using cannabidiol products. Therefore, it is recommended to start with the smallest amount of CBD, doing a few puffs, and after that waiting about 20 minutes. On this empirical rule, a user can then tailor the necessary doses to produce the expected effects.


It is not recommended applying the product to people under 18, pregnant women and young nursing mothers.

Before CBD vaping, it is worth seeing a doctor if you have any medical problems or take any drugs. Do not take the product if there are allergies to cannabis, CBD or related foods.

Keep the product out of the reach of children. It is necessary to store cartridges in a cool, dry place, and away from direct sunlight.

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