CBD Vape Broad Spectrum 1 ml 600 mg - Gelato


RMH Broad Spectrum  Vape Cart (CBD, CBG, CBN) 1 ml 600 mg - Gelato

Broad Spectrum Distillate, derived from industrial hemp, with terpenes. 100% natural and organic. No cutters, fillers, diluents, or thickening agents are ever used.  Lab tested for safety and compliance.

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CBD Vaping with Hemp Vape Oil 600 mg Gelato

Inhaling hemp oil through a vaporizer is the preferred delivery method for patients seeking immediate relief.

Vape cartridges are an excellent example of innovation in the medical cannabis industry. Rocky Mountain Hemp expects further progress in the quality of the products we offer, and we are pleased to introduce our customers to new ways in which this medicine can improve their quality of life. 

CBD vape carts are a popular choice among cannabis users because of their tolerability and virtually odour-free smoking experience. Such products are also easy for using, that makes them attractive to first-time consumers.


Main benefits of 100% natural hemp-based Vape Cart Gelato

Our Rocky Mountain Hemp CBD Vape Oil Gelato has 600 mg of the best-quality fully natural and pure cannabidiol to help users get through even the hardest and the most stressful days. Formulated with real terpenes, this best CBD vape 1 ml 600 mg is the fastest way to enjoy cannabidiol. 


The main benefits of CBD vape oil 600 mg Gelato include the following:

the product is successfully tested by 3-d party laboratory for the absence of heavy metals, harmful fillers, pesticides and also residual diluents       


  1. it is 100% natural and organic product with cannabidiol                                                                                                                                                           
  2. best CBD vape 1 ml 600 mg contains real terpenes and useful cannabinoids
  3. there is no GMO, no gluten
  4. it contains less than 0.3% THC
  5. there aren’t any synthetic flavors, fillers, diluents or cutting agents.

Gelato is a potent and pleasant vape cartridge. It has a fruity taste. The high usually falls in waves of relaxation, without taking away brain strength. This buzz content is good for swinging in a hammock or just enjoying a cup of coffee/tea under the covers.


Rocky Mountain Hemp offers the best CBD vape 1 ml 600 mg, which is absolutely natural and organic. This broad-spectrum distillate is obtained from pure industrial hemp with terpenes. No harmful fillers, diluents or thickeners. Also, our product does not contain any GMO and gluten. Our CBD vape 600 mg Gelato successfully passes laboratory safety and compliance tests.

Our product includes organic MCT oil, cbd terpenes, broad-spectrum natural hemp extract 600 mg. There is no THC.


Hemp oil is produced in the United States. We offer a premium-grade vape cartridge. CBD vape oil 600 mg Gelato is a broad-spectrum product. It means that it includes not only CBD, but also CBN and CBG. The storage life of this item is 18 months.


The correct dose is determined by the individual tolerability, severity of symptoms, as well as the effectiveness of the product. For some users, one or two inhalations may be sufficient, while for others a little more may be needed. At the same time, the recommended service is 1-2 pcs. It is not recommended to exceed 3 pieces every six hours.

Don’t forget to stroll and evaluate the impact of the product on You before continuing the usage.


The use of best CBD vape 600 mg Gelato is prohibited for people under the age of 18, as well as people with cardiovascular disease. In addition, it is not recommended to use the product to pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Before using CBD vaping, you should see a doctor if you have any health problems. Do not take the drug if you have an allergy to cannabis, CBD or related products.

Vape cartridges must be kept out of children’s reach, in a cool and dry place.

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