CBD Salve - Premium Broad Spectrum 1750 mg per 1 oz container


Scientist Formulated and Top doctor recommended 

Beehive Balm Broad Spectrum Hemp Salve 1750 mg per 1 oz container + CBC, CBG

Support well-functioning joints with the help of our Broad Spectrum Hemp Salves. A balanced combination of phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil helps soothe discomfort and support skin health.

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CBD Salve 1750 mg Beehive Balm as an effective topical

Today, lotions and balms with cannabidiol are widely popular for the treatment of inflammation, pain and skin diseases. Cannabinoid has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as relieves swelling and regulates lymphocyte activity in damaged places.

The effectiveness of balsams with CBD is due to the fact that the substance penetrates the outer layer of the skin and affects cannabinoid receptors. But the exact reason for the decrease in the inflammatory process and pain is still unknown. 

If you would like to have a good cannabidiol salve visit our shop and order Beehive Balm - Premium Broad Spectrum 1750 mg. Our shop propose best CBD salve at the best price!

Hemp Salve 1750 mg Beehive Balm and its main characteristics

Beehive Balm - Premium Broad Spectrum 1750 mg is invented by scientists and recommended by the Top doctor. This broad-spectrum hemp salve helps maintain well-functioning joints. A well-balanced union of cannabidiol oil, that is rich in phyto-cannabinoid, helps not only to calm discomfort, but also to maintain skin health. Order balm 1750 mg at the nice price in our store and make sure this product is really good and useful. 


The main health benefits

People have been using herbal oils for flavoring or for health for many centuries. It is said that the natural elements of herbs, including marijuana, have a beneficial effect on people’s health. Despite the pros and cons of using this psychotropic plant, we can get health benefits of cannabidiol as follows:                                                                                          

  1. stress and depression reduction;                                                                                                                                                              
  2. good mood;
  3. restful and healthy sleep;
  4. pain relief and Alzheimer’s disease.


Our goods are absolutely clean. Except for organic MCT oil best CBD salve 1750 mg also contains hemp extract which is a rich phyto-cannabinoid.


The storage life of hemp salve is one and a half year. Specialists recommend not to use our balsam after expiration date!

Beehive Balm - Premium Broad Spectrum 1750 mg has many other useful benefits:

  1. the product is produced in the United States of America;
  2. balsam belongs to the premium class goods;
  3. it is wide-spectrum good.

Benefits and Directions

Our hemp salve is the perfect choice for those buyers who want to make sure that cannabidiol is fully useful in its current application.

People’s skin is the largest organ of people’s organism, which means that it provides the best substrate for quick absorption and prompt effect. Different from oils that should be metabolized within the body, balms can be used topical with pin-pointed accuracy.

With this balsam ointment, the CBD effect begins immediately after absorption of the product. These local balms are a good choice for those users who want to maintain the right joints and muscle functions. You should also order our cannabodiol product to make sure it supports overall skin health.


Our CBD salve will be useful to everyone except babies, expectant mothers or nursing women.

It is recommended to store this product in a cool, dry, inaccessible place for children and be sure to close it after each usage. Do not use CBD balm 1750 mg if the protective seal is damaged or missing.

If you are taking any medication, consult your doctor before using the product.

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