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Our company Rocky Mountain Hemp was created with a clear initiative: to develop effective premium-grade CBD products through innovation and excellence, with the best service in accordance.
This commitment to product quality and customer service is due to the personal experience of the company's chief executive, Todd Robinson. Faced with personal experience with the need to find an effective cure for severe leg pain, and at a certain point in time, after trying CBD oil that helped him cope with his disease, he decided that he should bring comfort and compassion to as many people as possible.

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Rocky Mountain Hemp nowadays

Our products are formulated to have the largest number of minor cannabinoids possible from each hemp strain used. That’s why there are countless references from our loyal customers who talk about our products and how much they have helped get better of many diseases, ranging from anxiety and stress to autism.

Rocky Mountain Hemp has a large customer return base that continues to expand because our clients have learned from their own experience that our products really work. That’s why we always ask people to try our goods first before they buy. We do not want people to just take our word for it, we want them to personally experience what we can offer.

Nowadays there are a lot of CBD providers, but not all of them are created equal. We at Rocky Mountain Hemp created our business because we personally saw the benefits of

The history of the company Rocky Mountain Hemp

Tod Robinson, chief executive officer of Rocky Mountain Hemp, had been suffering from severe leg pain for several years. For a long time, he was looking for an effective medicine that would help him get rid of this disease. At some point, Tod accidentally tried oil with cannabidiol (CBD oil).

After several doses of this remedy, Tod Robinson managed to be cured and forever forgot about excruciating pains. As a result, he decided to help needy people with a miraculous remedy such as CBD oil. So, the development of his family business began, which currently confidently occupies its niche.


Todd Robinson

Сhief Executive Officer Rocky Mountain Hemp

Katya Robinson

Manager Rocky Mountain Hemp

Cavin Hadlock

Manager Rocky Mountain Hemp

Robert SheenLead

Biochemist at Rocky Mountain Hemp


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